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About Our Program

Congratulations on planning for the early stages of your legal career. We are pleased to be among your potential choices of firms. We hope to answer most of your questions here and also encourage you to visit our Student News, FAQs and Testimonial pages.

When we hire our students, we look for a well-rounded education and employment history. Although grades are important, we seek students who maintain a healthy balance in life with activities that fall outside the field of law.

We have a dedicated recruitment team. Selecting the right individual is of importance to everyone at the firm and members outside of this committee assist during the interview process, as well as during formal presentations and events.

In recent years we have hired 3 students with the hopes that these individuals return to our firm to complete their articles following their third year of law school, and ultimately become associates at our firm.

Our students are assigned a principal to ensure they fulfill the Law Society’s requirements for completion of their articles. In addition, the mentor will also be a resource offering guidance, advice, support, and help with the development of a student’s legal career at this early stage.

Summer Program


RBS provides summer students with an opportunity to work in a legal environment in preparation for their third year of law school and, beyond that, their articles. There is no formal rotation for our summer students and they are encouraged to be proactive in seeking out work and to be open to experiencing various types of work.

Articling Program


Our goal for our articling students is to mentor and develop them into strong Associates. Our hope is to hire students who become our Associates and, eventually, Partners in the firm. Along with the PLTC program offered through the Law Society of BC, our students will rotate through corporate/commercial and litigation programs and be assigned a principal who typically is a Partner at the firm.


How To Apply

Thank you for your interest in applying to RBS. Be sure to visit our Student News and FAQs pages before submitting your application.

To apply for a student position, send your cover letter, resume, and school transcripts (law and undergraduate) to us through the VIDesktop Portal.

Apply any time and we encourage you to apply as early as you can. We are not confined by rigid schedules or blackout dates, nor should you be.

To inquire further about the RBS articling program, we invite you to contact one of our current students. Learning first-hand about their experience can benefit and assist you when making this important decision.

You may also find our Testimonials of interest.

Our Student Committee

At RBS we're focused on fit and our mix of partners, associates, and firm administrators takes the time to get to know you, answer your questions, and ensure the fit goes both ways. Thank you for your interest in RBS.

The team is led by Partner, Michelle Quinn, Chair of the Student Recruitment Committee.

We look forward to hearing from you.