Business Services

RBS strives to build long-term relationships with its clients to help them achieve their strategic business goals. We do this by understanding your business and your industry, and by advising your business as it evolves and grows over time.

Our business lawyers provide a broad range of business services to small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups, and public institutions. Our corporate services include business structuring, incorporation and organization of companies, governance, and minute book maintenance for British Columbia and federal companies as well as professional corporations, unlimited liability companies, societies and partnerships.

As your business matures, we provide focused advice on reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions, succession and business transactions. We advise officers, directors and shareholders on risks and opportunities, providing strategic advice to meet their legal needs. We draft, structure and negotiate operational documents, such as consulting, sales and distribution and shareholders’ agreements, to meet your business needs.

Our team can fully support all aspects of your ongoing corporate and business requirements, as well as related employment, leasing, banking, intellectual property or litigation needs. As one of your partners, RBS will work with you to bring a complete suite of services to assist your business operations in a focused and cost-effective manner.