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For more than 145 years…

We are proud to cultivate an atmosphere that is respectful and collegial; one that provides a workplace where the very best work is accomplished. Ask anyone who works in our firm and they will tell you the same thing.

Our supportive and nurturing culture is genuine. Aside from the great benefits we offer and resources – on-site yoga and gym, fitness subsidy, parental support and counselling, wellness competitions, firm Sun Run team, other local walk, run and ride teams; and various lunch and learns on everything from financial wellness to exercise, diet and nutrition – you might also choose to join us in our community support initiatives, social committee, our wellness or our green programs.  Our benefits provider tells us we are the healthiest law firm in Vancouver.  We love that because we care about our people.

We also offer a comprehensive benefits package which includes extensive extended health and medical coverage, and full details can be found here.

If you are a like-minded professional, staff member, or student, please click here and learn about the opportunities to join us. We look forward to meeting you.

Our commitment to diversity

Our firm respects the dignity and worth of everyone who works at the firm and recognizes that such respect is the foundation for productive and harmonious working relationships. Individuals have a right to a professional atmosphere which promotes equal opportunities.

No person shall be denied opportunities within their employment or benefits for reasons related to discrimination and unrelated to ability. The firm recognizes that working to achieve equality sometimes requires that, instead of treating all persons the same way, different measures or accommodations may be required to fulfill this goal. Members of our Diversity Committee are accessible to all members of our firm to discuss any issues in their employment relating to diversity or equality if they do not feel comfortable approaching the people they work with or the managing partner directly.

Discrimination means a distinction, whether intentional or not, based on a characteristic or perceived characteristic relating to race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, political belief, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, or age that has the effect of imposing burdens, obligations, or disadvantages on an individual or class of individuals not imposed upon others, or which withholds or limits access to opportunities, benefits, or advantages available to other individuals or class of individuals. We have a policy in place, available for all to access, that sets out our confidential process for discussing and resolving concerns.

Our Environmental Impact

Sustainability is important to us. We recognize that the operation of our law office has an impact on the environment and we make conscious daily choices to reduce our impact

As a firm we seek to REDUCE that impact through:

  • Education – educate all lawyers and staff on sustainability matters.
  • Sustainability Team – meets regularly to evaluate current practices, make recommendations, determine priorities, educate/motivate and report on progress.
  • Purchasing – consider SUSTAINABILITY in purchase of supplies, equipment and services (i.e. recyclability, biodegradability, recycled content, waste minimization, hazardous chemical free, energy conservation, resource conservation, locally made and organic companies).
  • Waste Reduction and Recycling – minimize use of paper in data storage, printing and copying, internal and external communications and mailing. Implement systems to minimize disposal, reuse equipment, supplies, and maximize recycling of all items that can be recycled.
  • Energy – encourage energy conservation and efficiency in heating, cooling, eco friendly lighting and equipment use.
  • Travel – reduce business travel where possible.
  • Commuting – establish commute incentives to encourage use of transit, carpooling and bikes.
  • Tenant Improvements – when tenant improvements are made to the building, the firm considers the least hazardous and most natural materials and gives preference to those that are environmentally safe, eco friendly, high in recycled content, recyclable or biodegradable, certified sustainable and durable.


  • using 100% recycled copy paper
  • encouraging “think before you print!” moto
  • defaulting printers to double-sided printing
  • powering down equipment nightly
  • using an internal bulletin board for buying and selling items
  • donating unwanted items to schools and charities
  • providing filtered water to decrease use of plastic water bottles
  • using rechargeable batteries when possible
  • reusing office supplies, furniture, and equipment when possible
  • recycling containers at all work stations and in common staff areas
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