Personal Injury

Life is difficult. Add a serious personal injury to the mix, and life can become overwhelming. The Personal Injury Group will ensure that everything is done to assist your recovery and get you proper compensation – for treatment costs, lost income, and suffering.

The lawyers at RBS take an intelligent, compassionate, and experienced approach to personal injury litigation so that you can focus on getting your life back. The firm understands the effect of injuries on people’s lives, and the lives of their families and friends. Injuries can rob people of their ability to enjoy life and to function at work and can create immediate financial hardship and cause immense suffering.

Personal injury can be extremely complex and require proper expert evidence to prove. The people responsible for your injury, or their insurers, won’t pay to prove your case – they simply want it to go away. The Personal Injury Group will empower you with its time and resources so that you don’t surrender your rights and you achieve a fair and just resolution – either by negotiated settlement or trial.

The Personal Injury Group includes James D. Vilvang Q.C. and David Hay Q.C., whose combined experience equals 70 years of litigation practice. They have worked together for more than 25 years. Both have been awarded the designation of Queen’s Counsel reserved for approximately 4% of lawyers in British Columbia. They are both recognized as leaders in the field of personal injury and both have unique insights into the medical and legal issues of a winning case. They are often invited to chair, organize or speak at medical legal conferences in British Columbia.

The Personal Injury Group are all exceptional lawyers dedicated to the protection of your legal rights and successful resolution of your case. The firm’s lawyers work with experienced paralegals and legal assistants to ensure that your case is properly prepared for resolution. Most cases resolve by negotiated settlement. If RBS cannot settle your case, the Personal Injury Group’s experience in court is the best endorsement for the firm’s ability to achieve success at trial.