Estate and Trust Administration

Administering an estate or trust is not without personal stress and risk to an executor, administrator or trustee.

The Estate and Wealth Advisory Group is available to assist, including the following:

  • Preparing applications to the court to obtain a representation grant on estates
  • Administering an estate following the receipt of a representation grant, including coordinating with accountants for tax filings, preparing account passings either by consent or with recourse to the courts, and distributing the estate’s assets
  • Guiding clients through the litigation process in the event of an estate or trust dispute, including wills variation claims
  • Providing advice to executors, administrators and trustees on their duties and in carrying them out, particularly for trusts (whether created under a will or inter vivos trust), and advising clients in the use of a trust’s assets to ensure compliance with its terms and restrictions under the Income Tax Act, particularly for alter ego and joint partner trusts