Succession Planning for Privately Owned Businesses

Succession planning for the privately owned business means preparing for the orderly transition of your enterprise when you are ready to step back, retire, or move on to your next adventure. The team at RBS understands the effort and capital you have invested to build a successful business and the protection you want to offer to your family as well as your business.

The Succession Planning roup creates effective, personalized, and tax-efficient plans using a wide range of legal tools including trusts, specialized corporate structures, tax deferred corporate reorganizations, and shareholder agreements. Whether you wish to retain control of your business or are planning an exit strategy by way of transfer to the next generation, your employees or a third party, RBS’ plans are designed to achieve your goals. Moreover, its plans typically have built-in flexibility, which enables you to respond to future changes in your business, tax status, personal need, and family relationships.

The Succession Planning Group takes the time to fully understand your circumstances, business, and desired end result. Its lawyers work closely with your investment, insurance, and tax advisors to preserve and support existing relationships. The lawyers at RBS are tax savvy, as they have completed the In-Depth Tax Course or Family Enterprise Advisor program and others have backgrounds in business, real estate, or the sciences. Whatever your industry or family needs, the Succession Planning Group has  expertise or will reach out to its extensive network to ensure that it provides the comprehensive legal advice you deserve to achieve your business succession goals.