The Insurance Law Group consists of senior, intermediate, and junior level lawyers who are experienced in serving the legal needs of national and international insurers and others operating in the insurance industry. RBS’ clients include property and casualty insurers, large self-insured companies, insurance brokers, banks and trust companies. The firm also acts for large corporate insurance and risk management departments for sectors including finance, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and government.

The insurance business requires effective management and predictability of legal matters. RBS’ clients can expect thorough claims assessment and practical legal advice that suits their business objectives, and that is delivered in a timely and professional manner within budget. It is this level of service that has led to the establishment of numerous long-standing and successful relationships between the Insurance Law Group and its clients.

Members of the Insurance Law Group have experience at all levels of British Columbia’s courts, as well as superior courts in Alberta and Ontario, and excel at providing advice and trial advocacy in areas including:

  • Complex bodily injury
  • Liquor liability
  • Motor vehicle liability
  • Municipal liability
  • Occupiers liability
  • Sports & recreational liability
  • Construction liability
  • Environmental liability
  • Product liability
  • Subrogation
  • Coverage advice