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Triggering the Doctrine of Equitable Contribution

By: Salona Nainaar 

Oftentimes an individual or business may have more than one insurance policy cover the same issue...

Insurance Lawyers are Gold Sponsors of CICMA Charity Golf Tournament in Support of Make-A-Wish

Alex Eged who leads our Insurance Group, and Ryan Shaw, alongside their clients Mike Butler of Cansure,...

Ontario Court of Appeal Clarifies Appraisal/Dispute Resolution Process

By: Sabdeep Sidhu

Ontario Court of Appeal Clarifies Appraisal/Dispute Resolution Process

The recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision in

Ontario Court of Appeal Affirms Narrow Application of “Total Pollution Exclusion” and Addresses Standard of Appellate Review of Standard Form Contracts

By: Jessie J. Skinnider

In Hemlow Estate v. Co-operators General Insurance Company, 2021 ONCA 908, the insurer relied...

Supreme Court of Canada Clarifies Tort Liability Exposure for Public Authorities

By: Ryan Shaw

In a recent landmark decision, the Supreme Court of Canada (“SCC”) clarified when public authorities will...

Are those “professional” services? A CGL v. E&O Policy Battle

By: C. Nicole Mangan

CGL and professional liability policies serve different purposes yet some pleadings allege property damage and...

Court of Appeal Confirms Replacement Cost Available Without Rebuild

By: Ryan A. Shaw

In most contexts, insureds will only be entitled to replacement cost value (“RCV”) under a...

Using the Wrong Policy Wording to Deny Coverage Does Not Extend the Limitation Period


A recent ruling from the Alberta Queen’s Bench confirmed a lower court’s decision that an inadvertent mistake by...

Insurance Act Appraisals – A Court’s Guide on Mechanics


The Ontario Superior Court of Justice recently examined the interaction of various provisions in the Insurance Act,...

Statutory Condition 1 – The Truth, the Half-Truth and the Outright Lie: Why questions insurers ask are as important as answers insureds provide

By: Jessie Skinnider

Pursuant to Statutory Condition 1, a misrepresentation made at the time of an application for insurance...

B.C. Court of Appeal Weighs in on Legal Representation in CRT Proceedings

By: C. Nicole Mangan

A recent Court of Appeal decision, The Owners, Strata Plan NW 2572 v. Booth,...

Waivers and “Own Negligence” Clauses – Court of Appeal Clarifies Legal Test

By: Ryan A. Shaw

Most, if not all, businesses which offer risky recreational activities to customers utilize some form...