The construction law lawyers at RBS serve real estate owners and developers, general and specialized contractors, engineering and architectural consultants, and large material suppliers in British Columbia’s construction industry. Clients are located along every part of the construction chain and are focused on small and large building and capital projects, including commercial and residential developments, infrastructure creation, large institutional property projects and project management.

The Construction Law Group negotiates, drafts and advises on construction contracts, including CCDC standard form contracts and other specialized construction agreements. Its lawyers act as counsel to negotiate, mediate, and litigate construction disputes, including builders’ liens and claims arising out of them. The firm draws on the experience and expertise of lawyers from various practice areas that are relevant to clients operating in the building and construction industries.

The Construction Law Group understands the construction industry’s vertical integration. RBS’ experience with diverse clients within the industry means that its lawyers know the points of contention and issues that exist throughout construction projects. Because of this background, the firm is uniquely equipped to help clients plan for the full range of legal matters that need to be addressed on large construction projects.

The Construction Law Group can assist with the following areas:

Construction contracts and negotiations

The Construction Law Group assists in the preparation and negotiation of all types of construction contracts, including all CCDC forms and necessary supplemental conditions.

Builders’ liens and creditor remedies

The firm can file and contest filed builders’ liens and advance actions respecting builders’ liens and other creditor remedies.

Construction litigation and dispute resolution

The Construction Law Group works with clients to effectively resolve construction-related disputes. When a potential dispute first arises, its lawyers are available to provide sound, practical advice on resolving issues before they become significantly problematic. It is also available to handle disputes that have reached the point where parties need to aggressively resolve matters, including through proceedings such as court, arbitration, or mediation.

Insuring construction projects

RBS works with seasoned insurance professionals and has in-depth understanding of construction project insurance needs. Its lawyers are available to advise clients on pre-construction insurance requirements and assist with their claims to coverage.