Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

The litigation team at RBS has considerable experience and expertise in the area of shareholder disputes and partnership conflicts.

All too commonly, pleasant business relationships and well-intentioned decisions can run into objections and disagreements that threaten to derail a company’s objectives in its continuing operations or its plans for growth. Disputes of this kind occur in companies of all sizes, from large multinationals to family-run operations and small partnerships. The impact can be significant to each and to the individuals involved.

The Shareholder and Partnership Disputes Group recognizes that the basis of the dispute and its impact can be as important to the dissident shareholder or partner who believes their interests have been ignored or unfairly prejudiced, or to the company itself. It is therefore critical to address the issues promptly and efficiently. RBS has the knowledge and experience within its legal team to provide skilled representation and advice when these issues arise. The firm draws on the expertise of its corporate solicitors and lawyers practising in the area of wealth management to ensure that corollary issues (such as tax avoidance) are properly addressed in its efforts at resolution.

The Shareholder and Partnership Disputes Group’s lawyers are knowledgeable with legislation such as the Business Corporations Act and the Partnership Act, which set out the rights and obligations of directors, shareholders and partners. These statutes outline remedies available for the resolution of disagreements that arise in such settings. But RBS also recognizes that addressing these matters through the court process is usually costly and can take years to get the case to trial or hearing and those decisions might be subject to appeal. Therefore, the firm focuses its efforts from the start, unless otherwise instructed, on attempting to expedite a resolution, either through effective and creative negotiations or alternative resolution procedures such as mediation and arbitration. Its lawyers are particularly skilled in achieving reasonable and cost-effective resolutions in this manner.