Business Reorganizations

All businesses must adapt to change to thrive. A business may need to reorganize its structure or operations to respond to a change in management or ownership, a change in laws or political leadership, an economic turn, a need for efficiencies, or simply a change in family circumstances. Business reorganization is most often necessary to implement tax and estate planning; that is, to minimize or defer taxes, maximize wealth, and ensure a smooth business succession strategy.

Whatever the reason for the reorganization, the Business Group takes the time to understand its clients’ business and challenges. The firm works with owners, management, accountants, and other advisors as a team to create and implement effective reorganizations to achieve its clients’ specific goals.

The Business Reorganizations Group advises on the following types of reorganizations:

  • Amalgamation of companies in British Columbia and federally
  • Continuing companies into and out of British Columbia and federally
  • Winding up and dissolving companies
  • Alterations to the special rights and restrictions attached to shares
  • Estate freezes and inter-generational transfers
  • Business succession planning
  • Divisive reorganizations to separate property and business interests
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Preparing a company for sale, including purification transactions

RBS has advised on reorganizations across a broad spectrum of industries, including real estate, technology, professional services, aquaculture and fishing, manufacturing, hospitality, private education, construction, and service providers to the oil and gas industries. Its experienced lawyers will help you to successfully respond to change.