Corporate Services

The Corporate Services Group’s dedicated lawyers and paralegals will advise and guide you through all aspects of structuring and maintaining your business entity.

The team at RBS works with business owners, management and external advisors to create and maintain effective business structures. Whether you require an owner operator company, a professional corporation or a complex corporate structure that includes multiple tiers of companies and partnerships operating across multiple jurisdictions, the firm has the experience and knowledge to assist you.

The Corporate Services Group can advise you in the following areas:

  • Incorporation and organization of companies in British Columbia and federally
  • Extra-provincial registration of companies across Canada
  • Creation and registration of general, limited and limited liability partnerships
  • Incorporation and organization of unlimited liability companies
  • Incorporation of societies and charitable registrations
  • Appointment or change of directors and officers
  • Issuance and transfer of shares
  • Declaration and payment of dividends
  • Change of name
  • Appointment or change of registered and records offices
  • Preparation and filing of annual reports
  • Preparing for an annual general meeting or drafting consent resolutions in lieu
  • Maintenance of corporate record book
  • Acting as registered and records office or as attorney for service
  • Registration of a sole proprietorship or business name

RBS maintains the corporate records for approximately 2,900 entities, of which more than 2,600 are companies incorporated in British Columbia. Many of these companies are private companies that are family owned or closely held corporations operating within British Columbia and Western Canada.

The Corporate Services Group’s lawyers and paralegals can obtain information about your corporate structure and status at a moment’s notice using automated systems and virtual, electronic minute books. The firm has the people and technology to keep your business and corporate needs moving forward.