Arbitration and Mediation Services

The dispute resolution lawyers at RBS are skilled negotiators, decision makers, and advocates who have extensive experience in assisting disputing parties with reaching their goals outside of the courtroom as mediators, arbitrators and counsel. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes may provide the most flexible, affordable and efficient means to resolve disputes. Arbitration and mediation are private, confidential processes that keep disputes out of the public eye.


Arbitration is an important tool that is frequently used to resolve business, commercial, and personal disputes. The Arbitration and Mediation Services Group can help clients to draft arbitration and dispute resolution provisions, select and implement appropriate rules of arbitration procedure, identify and select qualified arbitrator candidates, and determine the most cost-effective and efficient process and strategy for resolving the dispute through arbitration.

Its arbitrators will bring knowledge and expertise to the subject of the dispute, review the parties’ evidence and arguments, and reach a binding decision. Although this sounds similar to what you might expect in litigation, arbitration has the advantage of being accommodating and flexible. The actual process can be tailored to the parties’ needs by the firm’s experienced arbitration counsel.

The Arbitration and Mediation Services Group has extensive arbitration experience in acting as arbitrators or as counsel for one of the parties involved in disputes arising from commercial transactions, estate claims, family disputes, insurance coverage issues, intellectual property (licensing) disputes, personal injury claims, the purchase and sale of real estate, rent reviews and renewals, share purchase agreements, and shareholder and partnership disputes.


The Arbitration and Mediation Services Group’s trained mediators will bring knowledge and expertise to the subject of the dispute and facilitate discussion to assist the parties in reaching a resolution. Unlike arbitrators, mediators do not impose a final decision on the parties. Thus, the outcome is completely within the disputing parties’ control. This means that the parties work together to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement, which in turn can help disputing parties to preserve important relationships. The firm’s litigation lawyers have experience as counsel in mediations helping clients to negotiate mediated settlements.