Debt Collection

For any business, past due accounts can hurt business interests and profits. The collection of those outstanding accounts is an important aspect of doing business, but if not approached properly, it can cause further harm to a business’ interests and reputation. RBS views debt collection from a business perspective. Its lawyers understand the value that its clients place on handling collection and they are dedicated to providing advice and assistance at all stages of the process to ensure that these matters are handled in a professional and productive manner.

The Debt Collection Group can offer advice and representation in all areas you require, including:

  • Collection of secured and unsecured property
  • Garnishment
  • Proceeding to judgment
  • Enforcement of post-judgment remedies
  • Judgment enforcement
  • Bankruptcy representation

Commercial debt collection requires special knowledge and experience, as well as an understanding of stakeholders’ specific business needs. The goal at RBS is to assist clients in formulating a strategy to maximize the amount of recovery while reducing costs.

In addition to offering traditional litigation assistance, RBS is experienced in using alternative strategies to the litigation process, including negotiation and mediation, to secure recovery in a cost-effective manner. The Debt Collection Group is dedicated to working closely with its clients to formulate a strategy and approach that works best to achieve their desired goals. The firm provides regular reports and updates so clients can understand how the matter is progressing and assess their options on an ongoing basis.

The Debt Collection Group acts for financial and educational institutions, credit unions, corporations, and other clients throughout BC and abroad.

For more information on how commercial and consumer debt collection works in British Columbia or how RBS can assist you with your business collection needs, please contact any of the lawyers in this practice to set up an initial consultation.