Commercial Leasing Disputes

Commercial landlord and tenant relationships are not stagnant. From time to time, differences of opinion or disputes arise that cannot be easily resolved directly between the parties. When commercial leasing disputes arise, the Commercial Leasing Group can provide advice on default remedies, enforcement tools, self-help remedies, priority rights, and dispute resolution processes.

The Commercial Leasing Group’s dispute specialists provide advice to national and regional property managers, landlords, and tenants. Its clients range from sophisticated landlords, institutional tenants, and large property managers that have responsibility for multiple locations to those involved in single property locations.

The Commercial Leasing Group can guide you through enforcement proceedings for recovery of rental loss and damages, statutory cost recovery actions against responsible persons for reimbursement of environmental investigation expenses and other costs of remediation, actions to enforce exclusivity provisions, disputes over additional rent charges, and eviction actions for recovery of possession of leased premises. The firm can assist in negotiations or mediation proceedings to resolve disputes, the exercise of self-help remedies, or the institution and defence of court or arbitration proceedings. Whether your dispute involves the determination of review or renewal rent through arbitration proceedings, the exercise or defence of remedies for lease defaults, the termination of a lease, an action for recovery of rent arrears or damages, proceedings seeking relief from forfeiture of a lease, or the allocation of responsibility and recovery of environmental costs of remediation, RBS is here to help.