Information Technology

Information technology is integral to virtually all businesses and institutions that the lawyers at RBS assist on a daily basis. Whether you are a customer or a provider, the Information Technology Group has the experience to help with your IT-related matters.

Many IT providers look to the Information Technology Group for a pragmatic approach as they license new technologies and applications to clients. Similarly, when entering negotiations with providers of software-as-a-service, application services, hardware and other specialized technology development companies as a technology consumer, it is highly beneficial to have counsel with specialized knowledge in these fields.

The Information Technology Group regularly assists companies with the acquisition and protection of information technology. Whether you are negotiating enterprise-wide licensing agreements to deploy a technology, procuring the development and implementation of mission critical systems, entering outsourcing arrangements, or simply managing the institution’s compliance with anti-spam legislation, RBS has the expertise to assist.

The Information Technology Group has specific experience that includes the following:

  • Licensing and software development issues
  • IT systems implementation
  • Compliance with Canadian anti-spam legislation
  • Software piracy and infringement
  • E-commerce
  • Outsourcing

Privacy, data security, record retention, and development of corporate policies address these issues.