The team of lawyers at RBS provides advice on all aspects of privacy law in Canada. New legislation and emerging case law makes this a quickly evolving and complex area of law.

Whether you are operating in the private or public sector, privacy laws will have an impact on what you do. The Privacy Law Group can help you to navigate through applicable privacy legislation, and ensure that your activities are managed in compliance with these legal requirements.

The Privacy Law Group can advise you on the following:

  • Privacy policies: The Privacy Law Group drafts and reviews privacy policies for organizations in a wide variety of industries and businesses, including e-commerce, business technology, services and the public sector..
  • Privacy investigations: The Privacy Law Group acts on behalf of organizations that are subject to privacy investigations of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, providing advice and representation in such legal proceedings.
  • Privacy complaints: RBS can be your advocate and defend you if your organization is the subject of privacy complaints, both before the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and the courts.
  • Corporate transactions: The Privacy Law Group advises on privacy law in all aspects of corporate transactions, including data transfer issues.
  • Freedom of Information requests: RBS makes and responds to Freedom of Information requests on behalf of its clients. Such services include acting on behalf of a private sector organization that is affected by a Freedom of Information request or a public sector organization that is subject to such request.
  • Compliance: The Privacy Law Group provides advisory services to organizations seeking to comply with a variety of privacy laws in Canada. The range of issues is large. For example, compliance issues arise from employment and human resources matters, security and safety concerns, confidential business information, online business transactions, and communications and marketing procedures.

Securing access to data in today’s interconnected society has become a paramount concern. Breaches in data security and privacy can result in serious reputational damage, financial loss, and the possibility of stiff penalties for both private business and public institutions. The Privacy Law Group can assist you in being proactive to avoid these risks. Furthermore, the firm’s experience enables it to assist you with handling investigations and complaints before the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and Freedom of Information requests and transactions.

You can expect a comprehensive and knowledgeable approach to privacy law issues that affect any aspect of your organization and business.