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Fostering Our Partnership with HUB Cycling

Members of our Personal Injury team, including Practice Group Leader David W. Hay, Q.C., Michelle A. Quinn, Julie Facchin and Ola N. Stoklosa, recently toured HUB Cycling’s newest office. The afternoon consisted of good-humoured conversation between members of both organizations, and provided us with an opportunity to meet their newest team members and “behind-the-scenes” staff who dedicate their time and energy to guarantee that the local cycling community benefits from HUB’s roster of annual events.

Our firm has been the exclusive law firm sponsor and supporter of HUB initiatives for several years, and our lawyers and staff regularly participate in their flagship events including the approaching “Bike the Night” initiative (September 7th), and the “Fall Bike to Work Week” campaign (October 21st  to 27th).

Learn more about HUB Cycling here.

Pictured from Left to Right are:

(Top Row) Laura Jane and baby Ada (Director of Corporate Engagement and Events – HUB), Kristen Elder (Bike Education Instructor – HUB), Nick (Volunteer – HUB), Michelle Quinn (Associate – RBS), David Hay (Partner and PI Practice Group Leader – RBS), Julie Facchin (Associate – RBS), Kent MacWilliam (Giving Manager – HUB) and Jennifer Rai (Office Manager – HUB).

(Bottom Row) Navdeep Chhina (Director of Communications – HUB), Rowena Farr (Bike to Work Week Manager – HUB), Alyshia Burak (Senior Manager of Education – HUB), Ola Stoklosa (Associate – RBS), Erin O’Melinn (Executive Director – HUB) and Priscilla Martindale (Marketing & Business Development Manager – RBS).

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