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RBS’ Annual University Counsel CLE Virtual Seminar

Sze-Mei YeungJeff Lowe, Q.C. and Georg Reuter facilitated our annual Advanced Education & Research Group‘s CLE Seminar. This program assists university in-house counsel on topics of relevance, importance and interest. Highlights of the session were UBC’s Dr. Carol Liao and Vancity’s Shona McGlashan’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Leadership presentation which emphasized the need for senior management to be cognizant of power inequities in organizational culture and leadership, and systemic barriers and unconscious biases that impede advancement from historically marginalized groups. RBS Employment & Human Rights Lawyer Nicole Mangan’s presentation on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and policies workplaces can and cannot implement with respect to vaccinations for employees, was also well-received. Contact any member of our Advanced Education & Research Group for more information on future topics of relevance to your organization.


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