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Tim Brown Provides Essential Estate Planning Advice on Vancouver Podcast

With over 25 years’ experience in estate and wealth advisory law, Partner Tim Brown was invited to share his insights in the areas of BC estate planning and small business tax, in episode 12 of Coastal Front Podcast. Tim was interviewed by host Andrew Johns, an Investment Advisor with Cash Management Group at Cannacord Genuity.

Coastal Front aims to share with listeners topics that are most relevant to Vancouver, including stories of business, politics, accomplishment and failure. Andrew Johns has worked with his clients to preserve and enhance their wealth for over 20 years, and recognizes that the perceived complexity or cost of estate planning can hinder individuals in taking the necessary steps to properly protect their finances, health and personal decisions.

Tim interview offers straightforward advice on the steps that can be put into place to protect your assets, and your sanity! Click here to listen.


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