Negotiating a Software License Agreement from the Licensee’s Perspective

April 30, 2010
Sze-Mei Yeung
RBS Intellectual Property Newsletter, April 2010

Software plays an increasingly critical role in business. The selection and maintenance...

Canadian Journal of Insurance Law: The Law on Settlement, Anything but Settled

RBS Insurance Law Newsletter
By: Alex Eged
The Alberta Court of Appeal has weighed into the...

Can you Exclude All Claims in Construction Tendering: Tercon (SCC)

April 2010
By RBS Lawyers
RBS Construction Law Newsletter, April 2010
The Supreme Court of Canada has finally delivered its judgment...

Papering the Settlement of a Cost Recovery Action under the BC Environmental Management Act

Conference hosted by Pacific Business & Law Institute

April 2010
H. Scott MacDonald

I.                    INTRODUCTION

Lawyers and clients dealing...

Keeping Abreast of Reality

March 16, 2010
David Hay
Originally published in Momentum Magazine, BC Edition

One of the more antiquated provisions of the Motor Vehicle...

Duties Owed by Departing Employees

March 2010
Scott MacDonald
Richards Buell Sutton Employment Law Newsetter, March 2010

In today's business climate, employers are downsizing their workforces and...

A Mining Issuer’s Guide to the Galaxy: Four Roads to the TSX Venture Exchange, Spring 2010

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A Mining Issuer's Guide to the Galaxy


Never Forget the Basics

Richards Buell Sutton Insurance Law Newsletter
By RBS Lawyers
The Supreme Court of British Columbia recently reinforced...

The Limitation Act – A Ticking Time Bomb

January 21, 2010
David Hay
Originally published in Momentum Magazine, BC Edition

Injured cyclists are typically concerned about the time limits associated...

Retirement Age

Employment Newsletter

January 14, 2010
Georg Reuter

As of January 1, 2008 "mandatory retirement" is no longer alive and well in B.C.

Contributing author, Administrative Law Netletter on LexisNexis Quicklaw 2004-2010

Intellectual Property Law, Trade-Marks Chapter, CLE Annual Review, [2010]

Prepared for the Annual Review of Law & Practice

By RBS Lawyers
Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia, Annual Review...