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Intellectual Property Lawyer, Yue Fei, joins our Trademark Services Group as a Registered Trademark Agent

Congratulations to Yue Fei, who recently passed the Trademark Agent exam to join our Trademark Services Group as a Registered Trademark Agent. Yue joins our RBS Trademark Agents Group led by Trisha Doré and members Su Ji Yim, Karin Binder and Melissa Heywood (currently on leave), who combined have a wealth of experience managing all aspects of trademark portfolios.

Our Trademark Services Group offer direct filings before the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (‘CIPO’) and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (‘USPTO’) as well as coordinating filings around the world through our network of associates. They also present regularly to the business community on topics that heighten the awareness of trademark and intellectual property.

“This is a difficult exam, and it is a real accomplishment to become a registered agent”, says Managing Partner, Jeff Lowe Q.C.

Find out more about our Trademark Services Group here.

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