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Ola N. Stoklosa Presents to Canadian Bar Association Members on COVID-19 and the Courts

In this panel presentation directed at CBA members taking place on July 2, speakers will address the impact COVID-19 has had on BC’s courts from the perspective of the past, present and future. Family Law, Insurance and Civil Litigation Lawyer, Ola N. Stoklosa, and colleague Lindsey A. Cruickshank, have both practiced and appeared before courts during all 3 of COVID’s phases bringing valuable real-time experience to attendees. Along with Ola and Lindsey, Chief Justice Hinkson and Chief Judge Gillespie will share how the courts have and continue to manage through the shutdown of in-person hearings. Attorney General David Eby, QC may cover the Provincial government’s perspective on the recovery of our courts and steps being taken towards the post-pandemic future.

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